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Prof. Antonio Battista and his wife Dr.a maria Coscarella at the National Health Art's History Academy Conference helds in Rome at Dec 2010

SOMATIKE srl was founded in 2011, when Professor Antonio Battista and his wife Maria Coscarella, moved by their enthusiasm for the clinical research and studies undertaken by their son, surgeon Dr. Stefano Battista, came to understand that, thanks to new healing possibilities that originate from numerous validations of Antiaging treatments based on an holistic regenerative approach to medicine, they were able to procure themselves with preventive care and healing methods for chronic illnesses linked to ageing.

It was then when, although themselves no longer young, they decided to create a technical organism able to progress in an innovative pathway made by research and safe application of the most advanced methodologies, for the wellbeing of all of us, and especially for those who could have chosen a diagnostic and therapeutic path aiming at more results and less side effects, in a climate of wellbeing during therapy, towards healing and prevention. This simple concept would have allowed them to maintain their physical and functional integrity, through a system able to draw upon the best healing resources, in step with modern days’ rhythm of technological and biotechnological innovation.

"Each person has the right to choose their health destiny, being able to know their genetic traits and being assisted based on personalized biological standards, in a clinical contest that disposes of the right competencies, and that gives hope for living".                   Prof. Antonio Battista  - 2011

All this within health centers that have been developed into structures which ensure a positive emotional and environmental impact, in order to stimulate the re-discovery of the psychological-physical healing powers that each of us possesses and that are respected for the peculiar potentialities of innate regeneration.

The recent and exceptional progresses made in the sector of Bio-regeneration, and the technical modalities of the respective treatments are able to offer today, through proven therapeutic methods, a high level of efficiency compared to generic treatments, and therefore establish groundbreaking solutions responding to the needs of numerous patients affected by chronic and degenerative pathologies, from a young to a more advanced age.

“Through the most advanced therapeutic systems and assistance services, from sub-cellular and genetic diagnosis to the elaboration of healing and monitoring methods of the vital functions that are evolving continuously, we will be able, from today, to reinstate our wellbeing and to improve longevity.”             Dr. Stefano Battista

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