Stefano Maria Battista,  MD Surgeon and Regenerative Doctor -

Curriculum vitae  

short version

Born in Rome in 1964 .

Languages fluent in speaking and writing: Italian. English, French and Spanish.

Citizenship Italian; residency programs in clinics and research in USA and the EU.

Primary and Secondary Education(Gymnasium) at the " Plautus" Lyceum of Rome, Italy 1970-1983

Medical Degree from Medicine and Surgery Faculty of Università degli Studi di Roma "La Sapienza" of Doctor cum Laude

A.A.- 1993-94

National and EU Abilitation Public Exam in Nov 1993-94 II session

Military Service in Medical Force - State Police Department Health service of Air Sea and Earth Frontiers - 1992- 1994

Registered to the National Board of Doctors in Medicine and Surgery of Italy - EU Class. Rome n. 46179 - on Feb 1995

Complete General Physician Training in Family & Community Medicine and EU-Abilitation  on I session 1995

Specialization in General Emergency Surgery at the Medicine State Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata" Level A - 1995-2000

Master in "Aesthetic Medicine" from the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" 2001

Fellowship Graduate in "Stem Cell Therapy" - Ist World Edition-    American Academy of AntiAging Medicine , USA -  2011-2013

Diplomat Degree at the AABRM - American Academy and Board of Regenerative Medicine - 2015


1995-1998 - Medical Doctor First Call Health Service, Emergency Medicine Department at Hospital of Sondrio and CCU 118 Em.Rescue at Bormio- Livigno- St.Moritz, Italy/Switzerland Border Area

1995-1996- E.R.Surgeon in the Emergency and Trauma Unit at Ceccano Civic Hospital - Frosinone Provincial Public Healthcare Service

1995-1998- Medical Coordinator Assistant for Sport Medicine Federation of Olympic Commitee at the Olympic Center Stadium of Rome for First League and Sports Championship for Soccer, World Championship of Athletics  Gymnastics and Swimming National Federation - Emergency Team Leader for Races and Events

1998 - Medical Coordinator of Emergency Rescue and Health Service at the ES Unit in Grosseto Hospital and Islands Areas -Public Health Company Province of Grosseto -Tuscany, Italy

1998-2000 - First Surgeon Emergency Surgery Dept. at the "European Hospital" in Rome and the "Aurelia Hospital of Rome" at the Dialysis Center for Liver and Renal Transplantation

1999-2000 - Medical Doctor Clinic Coordinator  at the "San Raffaele" Hospital and Clinics for Neurological and Cardio-Respiratory Rehabilitation Departments

Jan 2001 - Emergency Doctor Director position concourse winner from National Public Health Services ITALY,EU

2001-2004 - Emergency Medicine and Surgery Doctor at the Emergency Departement - "Madre Giuseppina Vannini "- Public Hospital -  Rome, Italy

2004-2009 - First Emergency Surgeon at the High Level Emergency Dept. "St.Eugenio" General Hospital - Rome Healthcare Company- National Public Service

2009-2015 - Medical Chief of Primary Care and Non-Stop Assistence District Unit  - Rome Healthcare Service- National Public Service

2010-2018 - General Surgeon - Day Surgery Dept.- Rome Healthcare Service - National Public Service

                  Director of the VULNOTEAM and Coordinator of Interventional PainTherapy Post- Major Trauma

1993-1994 Tropical Medicine -Inefctious Diseases at the University of Rome "La Sapienza". This included Surgery and Gynecology and Obstetrics Professional Training.

1995-  "Trauma Care" Specialty Trainings at  General Hospital of Milan and Bologna, Italy

1995-1996  Master Degree on "Physiatry and Sport's Pathology"  at the Università degli Studi of Rome "Tor Vergata" -  Level  A

1995- 1996  Training Course on " Manual Medicine and Vertebral Manipulations" at the Hospital Medical School of Region Lazio -  Level Optimum

1995-1996 - Master Degree in  " Clinical Management in Emergency -Department" at the Accademia "Storia dell'Arte Sanitaria of Rome - S.Spirito Hospital - The Vatican Area of Rome   -  Level  A

1997 - Clinical Degree in "Autogenous Training" from the Accademia di Training Autogeno e Medicina Integrata, Rome, Italy

1996-1998 Trauma Centers and Orthopedic Procedures trainings at the " Santo Spirito" General Hospital - The Vatican - Rome, Italy

2007 - First International Main Course Program on Aesthetic and Phlebological Laser Therapy at the Università degli Studi of Rome "Tor Vergata"

2006- 2007- Training Programs for Somatic Loss Post-Traumas in Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Clinics in San Paulo and Rio de Janeiro(Brasil), Sevilla (Spain), Nice (France), and several other countries of the European Union.


1993 -  BLSD, ACLS, PTHLS Instructor  at the Police Department of Air Surveillance Forces at the International Rome Airport "Leonardo Da Vinci"

1994-2015- Instructor and CME Provider referent for BLSD, ACLS and PTHLS for the ERC .

1999 – 2001 Clinical Instructor, State University of Rome-  Department of Trauma and Emergency Medicine

2001 - Keynote Speaker at the Euro-Chinese Congress on "Traditional Chinese Medicine" held at the Accademia di Storia dell'Arte Sanitaria, The Vatican Area - Rome , Italy



 -  Founder and President of the Euroemergency a  no Profit Association for Health and Safety Development Systems and Innovative Research .

-  Founder and Scientific Director of the SOMATIKE  Biomed Company for Stem Cell Research and for  International Studies and Clinical Applications . 

- Member of the Italian College of Surgeons   (SIC)

- Member of the Italian Emergency Surgery and Trauma Society (SICUT)

- Member of the Italian Emergency Medicine Society  (SIMEU)

- Member of  the Italian Aesthetic Surgery Society (SIES)

- Member of the Accademia di Storia dell'Arte Sanitaria  (ASAS) 

- Member of the Italian Catholic Doctors Association   (AMCI)

- Member of  the American Academy of AntiAging Medicine (A4M), USA

- Member of the International Federation of Adipose Therapeutics Science (IFATS)

- Member of the American Academy and Board of Regenerative Medicine (AABRM)




2010-2014 Member of the Board Commission for Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery - Board of Medical Doctors - Rome, Italy

2013 - Member of the Board Commission for Ophtalmic Advanced Therapies, - Board of Medical Doctors - Rome, Italy

2015 - First President of the Europe Chapter of the American Academy and Board of Regenerative Medicine ( AABRM), USA


1995 - "Ipersensitivity and allergic reactions in professional athlets in sports on grass fields".

1996 - "Possible good effects of endurance lite exercise in emodialyzing session on reducing renal failure side effects".

2010 - "Use of autologous blood extracted factors for maximizing recovery time in cutaneous ulcers, surficial tissue loss and dismorphics dermal exits and scars".

2011 - Founder and developer of the Longlife Nutrition Style© a preventative system of food an nutritional selection for Antiaging and Longevity

2012 - Creation of the STIMOSTEM © Method for the autologous adult mesenchymal  stem cells regenerative treatment. 

2013 – "Study of Absorbtion of heavy metals through the skin and its effects on the immune system".

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