Born italian, started the Company SOMATIKE with her hausband Prof.Antonio BATTISTA in 2011. Her knowledge and passion for enterprises in Lifesciences and upgradings in the Economy for Wellness comes from her youngest years of  collaboration with one of the most innovative Companies in the Food Industries , (FERRERO Inc.), and from  many years as a political representative acted for the Human Civil Rights, dedicating many initiatives pointed on childrens and the elder people. Technicly attracted by innovation in the study of progressive changements in  the Lifestyle concepts pattern;  within SOMATIKE she keeps her work on the settings of next develope through international networks.  The large request arising by the different sectors of the population growing in so many countries from all continents, aimed to achieving a safer standard of care, moved her mind to the nowadays goals for an individualized lifestyle.  She brought her contribute to the decision to engage a business developing strategy with a large comprehensive way to make  the easier proposal for anyone to access to the level of care they really need .

Dr.Maria Coscarella  stated : "Many people in many developed countries are suffering by the distance existing from the best care for themself and what they actually can have from the system . Sometimes they have the tools to go for a better level of assistance, accessing to high clinical services or a fast diagnosis. All this can possibly drives you to the fastest recovery, but as we see many times this is not enough to really save your longterm wellness . Much often the 'attitude to the wiser healthcaring' from healthcare professionals and systems doesn't work that well; something wich is deeply connected with the Lifestyle of our society, not easy to find and to manage in comparison with the marketing strategies, it generates a conflicting interests between general and individual needs in the communities. Wherever we live, in large or smaller towns, we keep challenging with this along the rithm of a 'day by day' lifetime. So,  we find issues coming from ethical quality of the social structures and  the moral values wich are daily there, on the table, each time we face our health needs".

The right way of taking care of ourselves and to ones we love is not always possible and the most difficult side of that is strictly connected with the emergency of our need, all the hardtimes we stay there for a wiser answer to receive help from the healthcare system, it can become a terrible time.

Dr. Maria Coscarella, with a strong expertise coming from a longtime dedicated to family’s issues and her social activities into the metropolitan communities, came to choose to put on top of the list that Prevention it means “to be ready for bad surprises  ”.

Being at the Direction of the National Insurance Company- "Le Assicurazioni d’Italia”   for more than two decades, and following the visions of the ZONTA Club as a member, one of the leaders international association for the defense of the civil rights, looking through the women's image that became personalities for their challenges , states: “ Always think at you as a traveller in the future”.

She came to SOMATIKE BiotechMed, to integrate an innovative perspective able to improve the choise and give you the best chances, Dr. Maria Coscarella says: ” Prevention is a building made day by day and starts from investing in you and  nowadays we came to a New Healthcare proposal that can provides a customized one in a - fits on you formulas- as a competitive model for a new business style, for the coming Healthcare Economy".


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