Antiaging 4 U - Targets and Treatements

  • Somatic (morphological-aesthetic-postural)

  • Functional (metabolic-epigenetic-nutritional)

  • Patogenomic (neurocirculatory -immunoendocrine)

    The innovative methodology in the treatments and the selection of the assistance services adopted by the Teams of SOMATIKE, is conceived for the whole procedure of the health intervention and is aimed at enhancing the biological qualities of the subjective constitutional type, reinvigorating the natural potentialities, which may be depressed during the course of life, cause health problems.

  • Throughout the therapeutic means at our disposal, we are able to effectively counteract the chronic pain , the hypofunction , the decay and aging rapid tissue cells, resulting in the reduction of their regeneration.

The personalization of the treatments, for the particular needs of the combined assistance, is carried out at 360 °, on the entire logistics of the resources employed, both human and professional, through the implementation of important specializations of the professional figures, and both in the quality of the performances of therapeutic techniques, through the integration of infrastructures of remote assistance services and digital technologies, with high interactive capacity. All therapies are conducted considering the highest safety standards, using the most modern tissue biotechnologies in the world and a constantly updated elaboration of active products of autologous derivation; the complex of regenerative care involves the use of therapeutic systems that use natural pharmacology and a selected range of equipments with minimally invasive technics .

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