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Active in the sector of regenerative therapies and applied bio-technology, SOMATIKE© is specialized in implementing Regenerative Medicine and Antiaging Centers that provide you with the most advanced therapeutic systems and services, from sub-cellular and genetic diagnosis to the elaboration of treatment methods decisive for the healing and monitoring of a patient’s vital functions, capable of reinstating the psychological-physical wellbeing, and thereby improving the longevity. The recent and exceptional progresses made in the sector of Bio-Regeneration, and the technical modalities of the respective treatments are able to offer today, through proven therapeutic treatments, a high level of efficiency compared to general therapies, and therefore establish groundbreaking solutions responding to the needs of numerous patients affected by chronic and degenerative pathologies, from a young to a more advanced age. These regenerative treatments, as part of Antiaging techniques, have shown to be extremely promising even for conditions of invalidity and prejudice of life, and are moreover able to prevent some of the sequences of these processes, based on diagnosis on a genetic-ultramolecular level.                                                                                                                                                                                          

Somatike Srl works with a range of international professionals within a vast network of collaborations which allows us to offer the best services using the world’s most advanced technologies, a criteria of selection for the most suited individual healing methods, with particular attention to treatment procedures, up to the complete conception of the structures’ characteristics studied in detail to create an ideal environment for the healing and comfort of the patients. The validity and typicality of our therapy methods are the result of the continuous upgrading of our operations’ quality standards: from rehabilitative and safeguarding therapies aimed at the patient’s habits, to the research of an accurate level of the final result, decisive for the optimization of the treatments: an efficient follow-up, characterized by further short- and medium-term check-up’s, based on the personal profile custom-made for each patient via widely tested compliance systems.

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