The actual definition of aging is constantly evolving!

Our generation can hope that soon the 60 years will be the new 40 standard. Yet most people who are 35-40 years old already have five to ten silent diseases, which are commonly ignored by the medical community, which is not willing to treat diseases that are not symptomatic. These conditions include sarcopenia (identified by abnormal ranges of IGF), obesity (identified by the DEXA standards), osteopenia (which occurs in 50% of bone fractures), early renal failure, parathyroid disorders (which simple computer programs today allow us to detect ), and various forms of early heart disease. In the field of neurological health, we are practically without cognitive evaluations, and differences in level are a fact; today we know that dementia takes more than thirty years to develop, and that patients frequently have attention deficits and memory disorders for at least 40 years.

Furthermore, errors due to the pathological declines of attention, and therefore the non-consideration of a slow but progressive process of cognitive impairment, are responsible for thousands of deaths a year, much more than any health problem. We think, just by way of example, that no test or examination test, aimed at the detection of attention deficit, is performed on pilots, military personnel, and others whose professions require intense concentration.
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