SOMATIKE's "Health tourism" package is inclusive of the two formulas of Medical travels and Cinical tourism, both linked to regenerative and Cosmetic Surgery treatments, going towards the growing demand of patients coming from all over the world that today, intend to reach the therapeutic system that they prefer, choosing regardless of the offer of the country of residence, included in a profitable tourist package.

The idea of the stay/relax of high level of hospitality and assistance Comfort , well reconciles with the desire of the patient not to stay within a classically hospital environment, or a definite clinical imprint but to spend, in total Privacy, a pleasant period in tourist places with the comfort Standards of the ideal holiday for psycho-physical refreshment.

This is also advantageous for the outcome of the therapy on the body, and this is widely understandable; At present it is certainly the most suitable formula for a series of personal implications that allow us to make the time we devote to our care much more enjoyable.

Today many patients are not sure to find the appropriate treatment in the network of the canonical hospital and not they have more Time to devote themselves to periods of care for oneself, when they need refreshment and functional rehabilitation of the organism. And on the other hand we all know, how useful it is to take care of us before the irreparable.

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