The Morpho-functional Value of Nutrition transforms the vision of the inevitable aging of the organism.

What would happen if you suddenly discovered that it was right in front of us, " the ticket to health and youth for a lifetime ", hidden there, under our eyes ? We are talking about a complex of elements that can be the key to enjoy full health and vitality even at 70, 80, 90 ... and even up to 100 years!

Someone has probably already heard of this complex of nutrients called " Extensor of Youth " and maybe already knows, how well it does. But what may not yet be known, is that it holds the power to greatly improve health and can lengthen the life span of life. Aging has always been a mystery for thousands of years, but a talented Harvard biologist has come very close to the answer. Leonard P. Guarente is Professor of Biology in the Medical Institute and his research has appeared on Science, Nature, Cell, and other authoritative journals.

In 2003, he published " Ageless Quest: Looking for a scientist for genes that prolong youth ". His research path began in 1995 with a simple question: Why do you live growing old? The study was started with observations on single yeast cell cells (yeasts have been used in genetic and biological research for years, because they can be easily manipulated in a laboratory environment) and the aim was to identify cells with unusually long life spans, to try to isolate a gene responsible for their longevity. The research led to the discovery of a gene known as SIR2. When Doctor Guarente inserted an extra copy of the SIR2 gene into a yeast cell, he noted that the survival time of the cell increased by 30 percent and that with the addition of additional SIR2 copies the lifespan of the yeast increased even more, he tried on nematodes, fruit flies and mice with the result of a lengthening of the average life span, sometimes exceeding 50 percent!

At that point Guarente turned the research of the SIR2 gene into many other organisms, and found it within every studied life form. "The role of SIR2 for aging-related effects seems to be universal" recently wrote the scientist, in a June 2011 news article in The New England Journal of Medicine.

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