Concierge Regenerative Medicine will be offered as a personalized monitoring formula by a Regenerative Doctor with an annual fee or retainer. The doctors provide enhanced care, including eventually a commitment to ensure adequate time and availability and advanced solutions in Regenerative Healthcare , for each patient. In this model the contractors accept that their assistence for this stunning powerful and innovative concepts of healthcare will be able to provide the most advanced tools for the point of care. The conditions that are now heading patients to the Regenerative Medicine treatments are currently paid “out of the pocket”, since no Insurance Company covers for the patient. Those aspects will be planned from the beginning for a period of time, usually 1 year long. The establishing of the contract will start with a wide study of all asset of the patient condition that will realize the approach of his holystic view. This modality will include the pathways of assistence starting from a comprehensive look of the whole biodinamic assessment through the main tests related to the personal health issues through a regenerative medicine perspective.

The proposal, as a complete healthcare , can guarantee if the case a continental or a global worldwide assistence, referring any issue 24/7 to the center closest to the site where the patient is.

Everything will be centralized by the web networking of the SOMATIKE's physicians and their collaborators, to be a real time sharing the entire procedure and clinical data related with any kind and steps will be needed.

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