Among these, the reference to aneurysms and their tragic sequelae, to tumors, to diabetes, to osteoporosis, to stroke, to heart attack, to liver disease, to Alzheimer's disease, to Parkinson's is immediate.

Otherwise, within SOMATIKE, through our Antiaging treatment concept, we are aware today that we can use strategies other than those elaborated on a large scale based on protocols for system diseases. health care, which are not established according to the personalized and typical patient antiaging.

The premises underlying the technical-clinical structure of SOMATIKE's methods come from the personalization of the therapeutic choices and the care profiles aimed at recovering and strengthening the subject's remedial powers: the latter, in fact, when they are reduced, they cause the establishment of suffering due to progressive morbid conditions, which can be effectively counterbalanced by increasing the innate and vital regenerative power of the organism.

Our methods have useful effects not only for healing from chronic processes afflicting the various sectors of the body but to slow down aging, to preserve its functionality, even as the years go by.

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