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    Antiaging Health.

    The modern age determination is constantly evolving with the progress of regenerative care on the longevity.

    Regenerative Medicine

    Regenerative therapies select stem and cytoactive factors with a renewal effect of cells and tissues, local and general.

    Translational Research

    Medical Progress "from the laboratory to the clinical application".

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  • Somatike

    Treatment of weight-related disease imbalances

    Stem Cells.

    We only use adult and autologous stem cells.

    Beauty in safety.

    Bioidentical Antiaging customized for the Safety of Aesthetics without risks to Health.

    Antiaging Aesthetics.

    A reduction of cytochemical viable bio-markers is associated with increased aging.

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  • Innovative Products

    Activate Stem cells

    Active principles.

    Anything that encourages and promotes the action of stem cells while maintaining effect and vitality over time.

    Gene Longevity.

    It transforms the vision of the inevitable aging of the organism.


    if it were possible to enjoy a young healthand avert age-related degeneration?

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Regenerative Medicine

This is the new systematic medical approach that deviates from the typical disease-oriented approach, it is in fact a system of interventions based on a proactive method that encourages a healthy ageing. The focus is on prevention with low-glycemic nutrition, pharmaceutical grade supplements and hormonal optimization accompanied by tips for an active lifestyle. By putting into practice the advanced management of medicine with age factor, we offer our patients a range of opportunities for healing, rather than treating only the symptoms of the disease. In fact, we believe that the human body has an innate ability to restore itself to a balanced state, and by applying therapeutic means that are non-toxic, and delicate for the body, care, are extremely effective.

 The regenerative techniques of SOMATIKE

"We only use adult and autologous stem cells"

Adult stem cells (ASC), by definition, are non-specialized or undifferentiated cells, which, not only retain their ability to divide through mitosis, maintaining their undifferentiated state, but, in appropriate conditions, They have the ability to differentiate into different types of cells, including cells derived from different embryonic leaflets.

This capacity is indicated as trans Differentiation, or plasticity.

In vitro, the conditions in which the transdifferentiation of cellular elements occurs can occur by modifying the culture medium in which the cells grow. In vivo, the same changes are evident if the ASC is transplanted into an environment of tissue other than its own fabric of origin.

Although the exact mechanism of this transdifferentiation of ASC is still under discussion, this capacity of the ASC together with their ability to self-renew is of great interest in the field of regenerative medicine as a decisive tool Therapeutic in being able to regenerate and, therefore, replace the tissues part of dying organs, damaged, or in the compages of diseased tissues. Images-4 Clinically, however, there are some criteria that the use of ASC must meet needs, before Can be considered a viable option in regenerative medicine. These are:

1-Abundance in number (from millions to billions of cells);

2-Ease of sampling (through minimally invasive procedures);

3-Ability to differentiate into different cell types (which can be controlled and reproduced in vitro).

4-Safety in the system from a site other than the autologous receiver (i.e. the same individual).

5-no conflict with the current principles of good manufacturing (during the harvest, culture or transplantation).

Adipose tissue produces a great abundance of ASC compared to any other source, and large amounts of adipose tissue (the Fat deposits in practice act as an accumulation of energy), especially in the abdominal region, for volume and availability, They ensure extreme abundance in number of ASC, up to millions of elements per volume unit. The considerable number of cells available, clearly shows the added advantage, of not having to be cultivated in a laboratory for several days, in order to obtain the desired number of ASC, useful to reach the level, which is defined, of "Therapeutic threshold", i.e. that dose beneficial to the therapeutic benefit.

Moreover, the collection ASC from adipose tissue, through a reduced and minimally invasive liposuction, conducted under local anesthesia, simplifies the extraction procedure, and is painless for the patient, certainly making a lower risk than any other Possible methods.

The extracellular matrix of adipose tissue contains different types of collagen, a structural protein produced by fibroblasts and by mesenchymal cells active in replication; Among these the most represented are the types 1, 3, 4, 7, 14, 15, 18 and 27. This is important in the procedure for the transfer of fat used in the protocols adopted in the centres of Somatike srl, where the extraction of grease is carried out "fresh", which is used as filler, for the increase or the reconstruction e.g. Of the breast, post-mastectomy partial-quadrantectomia-or partial, as well, eg. For the increase of the volume of the penis, in which precisely the collagen contained in the implant, provides the structural support necessary for the viability and survival of the cells.


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